NYDAX is seeking to become one of the leading Blockchain powered global digital asset marketplaces for individuals and institutions. We offer the ability to buy and sell crypto-currencies and a range of paired fiat currencies.
We are creating a gateway for retail investors to step into VC-dominated Startup funding space and to invest in a variety of blockchain-based projects while protected through securitisation of the Intellectual Property.
The vision for NYDAX is to become a security token exchange where all companies, Startups, securities, assets, ICOs and other tradable instruments can be listed and traded under high quality regulatory governance.
We are a blockchain technology company established in Europe with offices in Estonia and in the Asia-Pacific. We hold operating licences with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit: License Number 14580395.
NYDAX has the expertise and technology to deliver this ambitious, highly disruptive project. Most crucially, NYDAX is led by a team with an impressive track record in creating financial ecosystems, and advising leading trading platforms.
Consulting Services
NYDAX has extensive experience in designing, building and deploying cloud and on-premises based blockchain technology solutions. We can provide advice and solutions to allow your business to unlock the potential of blockchain technology. We also provide assistance via white labelling of our technology as well as in areas including, but not limited to, token listing advisory services (including white paper development).
For more information about our consulting services please email us at [email protected]
Our Reserves
NYDAX uses a cold wallet and hot wallet system to secure and manage the clients' cryptocurrency reserves. We maintain a full reserve and process reconciliations on a per transaction basis. Each location is physically secure and physically diverse.